Food And Spirit


True transformation comes when our Whole Being is integrated and balanced

The Food and Spirit approach to wellness is a colorful integration of science and spirituality, western medicine and eastern tradition, physiology and philosophy.  Its nurturing foundation is the 7 systems of health, based on the 7 major energy centers of the body, or in eastern tradition, chakras.  Our biochemistry, emotions and beliefs all influence and play off one another, resulting in our state of ease, or dis-ease.  Only by addressing the full spectrum of our being can we find harmony, which leads to balance and wellness.  

The 7 systems of health do just that.  Here is a sampling of the focus of each system which include a Color, Endocrine Gland, Specific Anatomy, Physiological Activities, Core Issues (beliefs), and Foods

  • The ROOT--Red / adrenal glands / immune system, bones, DNA, muscles, skin / flight-or-fight response, gene expression / Safety, Survival, Tribe / root vegetables, red colored food, protein
  • The FLOW--Orange / ovaries, testes / bladder, reproductive system, large intestine / reproduction, water balance, fat storage / Creativity, Emotions, Relationships / fats and oils, fatty fish, orange foods, water
  • The FIRE--Yellow / pancreas / liver, stomach, small intestine / digestion, blood sugar balance, assimilation / Balance, Energy, Power / carbohydrates, soluble fiber, yellow colored foods
  • The LOVE--Green / thymus, heart / lungs, breasts, lymphatic system / breathing, circulation, oxygenation / Compassion, Expansion, Service / leafy vegetables, phytonutrients, greens and green foods
  • The TRUTH--Blue / thyroid gland / throat, mouth, ears / chewing, hearing, speaking / Authenticity, Choice, Voice / soups, sea plants, teas, blue foods
  • The INSIGHT--Indigo (blue-purple) / pituitary gland / brain, eyes, neurotransmitters / mood balance, sleep, thought processing / Intuition, Reflection, Visualizations / caffeine, chocolate, spices, blue-purple foods
  • The SPIRIT--Violet / pineal gland / nervous system, energy meridians / circadian rhythm, cleansing / Connection, Purpose, Soul / fasting and detoxing, photons, toxin-free foods

The 7 corresponding chakras are the following (in English): Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown.