Don’t Believe Everything You Tell Yourself


When was the last time you were told that you were loved…by you?

Unfortunately, self talk is not usually that sweet.  

It’s probably more like this…”I am so fat”, “I look terrible in this outfit”, “I am not as smart as my coworkers”, “I am the ONLY woman my age without a husband”.  Or the biggest lies that we may have been telling ourselves since childhood… “I’m not worthy”, “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t deserve…” (fill in the blank).  

Those are all lies, don’t believe any of them.

For most of us our negative self talk begins in childhood.  It could stem from an incident on the playground where we weren’t chosen for some game, or a kid might have called us a name.  Worse yet, parents may be the ones who plant the seeds of self doubt that blossom into negative beliefs about ourselves.

It really doesn’t take much for our feelings to get hurt, and it’s that emotional hit that embeds the negative thought or belief deeply into our subconscious where it gets reinforced with negative self talk.

We have bought in to what others have said about us, or even what we perceive others think about us.

The danger of negative self talk is that when we hear words spoken in our own voice, our subconscious accepts them as absolute truth.  That’s why it’s important to say affirmations out loud, to hear them in our own voice.

Even when spoken in our minds, we will take on the energy of those words and their subsequent thoughts, and we will behave accordingly.  Self defeating self image leads to self defeating behavior, which leads to self defeating results.  

Self sabotage comes from negative self talk, and is a common energetic block to success that I often see in my clients.

Here are some ways to shift the pattern of self doubt and negative self talk, into self care and self love.

  1. Put your thumb and finger pads together on both hands and tap them in a circle around your ears, coming up the front of your ears, over the top and down the back side.  While taping, repeat an affirmation of your choice, or simply say—“I am worthy, deserving and loved”.  While tapping and affirming, look up, down, right and left, with your eyes only, don’t move your head.  Repeat the eye movements with your eyes shut.  This helps lock the affirmation into all areas of the brain.
  2. Put your right hand on your heart, (heart chakra—self love) and your left hand at the base of your ribcage at the site of your third chakra (solar plexus chakra—personal power and self esteem).  This will help connect the two. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and send unconditional love to yourself.  
  3. Think of a time when you were proud of yourself, and give yourself kudos.
  4. Think of all the people who love you.  Allow their love to fill every cell of your body.
  5. Do a service for someone else.  Shift your thoughts and concerns away from yourself.

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