What’s New? You!


In a recent conversation, catching up with an old friend, I was thrilled to hear her response to my mundane question, “what’s new?”.  Her delightful response was “ME!”

She explained to me that once she quit the noise, quit the emails, quit the classes…she found herself.

She had been on a journey of self-discovery for years.  Like most of us, this involved self-help and spiritual books, yoga classes, healing modalities, spiritual work, and engaging in activities that fed her soul.  All of this was tremendously helpful, and moved her in the right direction.  When she was ready, (which is alway in perfect timing for all of us), she had the clarity to notice that in her “quest”, she had surrounded herself in layers of noise. Not until she was ready willing and able to shed those layers and look inside, could she find what she was looking for.  

And there she was.  She’d been there all along.      

When you can find that quiet space and look inside, you might just discover that you’ve been there all along, just buried under the chaos.  

In discovering herself, she was able to get in touch with how she FELT, and from there could base her actions on what felt GOOD.  This is called following your HEART.  What a beautiful concept.

Her present state of being now enables her to listen to, and trust, her feelings and act accordingly.  She tells me that she is feeling more like her genuine self than ever before in her life.  And guess what?  Yes, she is one of us…a happy healthy sixty something.

No matter your age, we could all use some help clearing out the "clutter", and getting to the "good stuff". 

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