Meno…pause Does Not Mean A Pause From MEN

Man tango.jpeg

Menopause may mean the end of monthly bleeding and child bearing, but it certainly does not mean that we stop wanting or needing men.

Our intimate relations with men actually become less complicated when we don’t have to worry about pregnancies or messy surprises once a month.

As our children grow and find their own paths, our time and energy is freed up to fuel our own personal passions and interests.

For many of us, that would include the company of a man.  Whether it is our current partner, or if we are single, a new partner.

The emotional and endorphin high of love and infatuation never gets old, no mater how old WE get.  The pleasure of being around someone we love actually keeps us young.

Not to mention the joys of sex and physical intimacy, which is a part of romantic relationships before AND after menopause.  Yes, there is sex after menopause, thank goodness.

If you are feeling less than amorous due to the hormonal shifts that accompany menopause, you can address hormonal imbalance naturally by managing your stress, getting adequate sleep, enjoying moderate exercise, eating a colorful diet with healthy fats to feed your hormones, and using bioidentical hormones if needed.

With balanced hormones, our whole system runs as it should, and we are able to feel  and be our best selves.  It is from this place of balance that our personal relationships can thrive. 

Of course, our beliefs about ourselves as we meander through peri-menopause and menopause affect our behavior toward others as well as ourselves.

Unfortunately, many women have taken on perceptions about themselves around peri-menopause and menopause that reflect societal views of aging and lack of vitality.

With peri-menopause starting as early as 35, the idea that it is the beginning of the end is extremely out dated.  Now a days even post-menopausal women are celebrating themselves, feeling alive and vibrant, and fully enjoying the company of men.

Here is my suggestion; see yourself as: 

Experienced…not old 

Curvy…not fat 

Passionate…not complacent

Creative…not infertile

Confident…not doubtful

Calm…not stressed

Liberated…not trapped

Involved….not excluded

Independent…not needy

Successful…not a failure

Determined…not timid

Empowered…not helpless

And finally, see yourself as attractive and desirable.  Those qualities, as well as all of the above, come as much from the inside as the out, and men of worth can recognize them at any age.

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