Why I Worked As A Nanny (hint) Unconditional Love


When I was a young woman raising my two sons, my life was filled with love and gratitude every day.  Now as a grandmother, I find great joy “loving on” my grand-daughters.

However, because I don’t live near my sons, I miss the unconditional love that flows to and from babies and children.  Yes, grown sons and daughters love their parents, but they don’t generally rush toward you to be picked up and covered with kisses. (My favorite).

So, as I absolutely adore babies, I started nannying.  I wasn’t sure what to expect taking on a pair of three month olds in my 60’s, but I could not have enjoyed it more!  Everyday was filled with not only love, but delight, wonder and amazement—for all three of us.

Sure, there were tears and tantrums as with any child, but the love and laughter far out weighed all the rest.  

There is truly nothing that matches the joy of receiving the free flowing love offered by children.  If you are lucky enough to have children in your life, you will understand the power of a child’s love.  

Pet owners can attest to the need for unconditional love as well.  The only pet I had was as a child, but I clearly remember the powerful love my dog Skipper and I shared.

Equally, and perhaps even more impactful for the adult, or pet owner, is the exquisite feeling of giving unconditional love.

Why does the magic of unconditional love transport us?

The energetic, emotional and spiritual vibration of love is one of the highest and most healing frequencies one can experience.  These higher vibrations shift us into a physical state of rest and recovery, as our cells thrive and promote healing.

Meanwhile, our calm emotional state triggers a cascade of “feel good” hormones which keep our blood sugar regulated, our stress under control, and depression at bay.

Basking in the light of a child’s love is also, quite literally, healthy for your heart.  The hormone oxytocin is released when we hug or cuddle babies, children, adults, pets, or anything we love.  This hormone lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and is generally heart protective.  The good news is, both the giver and receiver of love reap the benefits.

As the breasts and lungs are also members of the precious fourth chakra, they share in the benefits from an open heart, and the exchange of love, compassion and expansion.

When I would hold a sleeping baby to my chest, and whisper into her/his sleeping ear, “you are loved and you are safe”, I could actually feel the healing energy connecting us heart to heart.

For me personally, I thrived during the four years that I was lucky enough to be a part of the love and care of two sets of adorable babies and their loving parents.  I nannied each pair for 2 years, (a boy and a girl both times), sharing their incredible journey from infants to toddlers. 

The experience made such an impact on me that I have written two baby/toddler books that are currently up on Amazon.  “You’re The One” about the joys of being a new parent, and “Gracie and Sammy” about the sweet relationship between two very different personalities.


I am thrilled that the illustrator of my second book “Gracie and Sammy” is a VERY talented young artist who recently celebrated her 14th birthday.  Sarah Jane did an amazing job interpreting my words with the perfect illustrations.

Whether you have children, grandchildren, or pets, giving and receiving unconditional love benefits all involved.

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Do You Allow Divine Inspiration To Flow Through You? A Guest Post By Medical Intuitive Catherine Carrigan

Last year, I did a very interesting healing with a painter.

She had been depressed for some time.

Although many natural healing remedies had helped her to feel less blue – yoga, nutritional supplements – she was still mildly dissatisfied and unable to break her cycle.

She came to me for a medical intuitive reading and healing.

I asked for guidance and received the information that she needed to paint a minimum of 1 and a half hours every other day to eliminate her depression for good.

Although she had painted in the past, her artistic efforts had been sporadic in a stop-and-go fashion.

“Look at this like your mental health project,” I advised her.

“It doesn’t matter whether you paint or draw, whether you sell your artwork or don’t sell your art. Just do something at least 1 and a half hours every day and then you will feel dramatically better.”

She followed my advice and voila, her depression was gone.

Yesterday, I was doing a healing for a woman who practices energy medicine.

Although she is an accomplished practitioner, she had gotten away from energy work and her life has been out of order in several dimensions – especially financially and mentally.

“You have to allow the healing energy to flow through you,” I advised her. “You need to work with at least three clients a week or you won’t feel right. You are blocking the flow and getting all turned around as a result.”

Many of us receive divine inspiration on a regular basis.

Your soul could want to paint, heal, write or create in some other way –  in business, for example.

If you do not allow this divine inspiration to flow through you, to work through you, to be birthed by you, you may end up feeling not only depressed but the word I would use for this condition is dispirited – out of touch with who you are, not able to put your finger on exactly what is wrong with you, going from one therapist to the other with no result.

You may be coping by drinking too much alcohol, overworking or abusing yourself in many other ways.

Here’s the rub.

If you already know you are a naturally creative person, if you don’t create, if you do not allow divine inspiration to flow through you, you will not feel right no matter if you are taking vitamins, exercising, talking to a therapist about your childhood, receiving acupuncture, taking antidepressants, etc. etc. etc.

You need to be living in harmony with your what your soul is longing to do, so you might as well follow your guidance and allow divine inspiration to flow through you.

I had this experience myself.

After publishing my first book in 1997, I went through a 15-year dry spell.

My soul longed to write more books but nothing was happening, nothing was coming through me until I wrote the rough draft of my second book, What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness. 

Even though I had been making money, serving others and growing in many ways as a person and even blogging and writing a monthly newsletter, I didn’t feel quite myself until I finally broke down and allowed divine inspiration to flow through me in the form of a book.

Another friend of mine was given the guidance that if she didn’t start teaching again she would become ill.

We all have a special gift – a gift that only YOU can give – that your soul is deeply longing to contribute.

Stop making yourself sick by blocking your soul. Just go do it!

What is healing? Healing happens when we allow divine inspiration to flow through us.

Fit For Fat

Exercising at the correct intensity for your level of fitness and stress is very beneficial.  However, over-exercising pushes you to the point of diminishing returns.

Exercise makes you stronger by first stressing the body and breaking it down.  With adequate rest and balanced nutrition the body recovers and adapts by becoming stronger.

If you are over-exercising, your efforts at becoming fit could actually be making you fat.

What is over-exercising?  

Is it working out until you puke, or so that you can barely move the next day, or exercising intensely for hours at a time, or never take a day off?  Yes, it is all of those things.   However, if you are not already moderately fit, it could take a lot less than that to over do it.

The sad reality is that many Americans are in a state of constant stress in their day to day lives, which means that they are breaking their bodies down on a regular basis without fully recovering from life itself.  For those individuals even climbing a flight of stairs could be over-exercising.  

Those folks are constantly under physical stress and therefore swimming in the stress hormone cortisol. 

Cortisol encourages body fat storage and inhibits fat burning.  Probably not what you are hoping to accomplish with your workouts.  Further, cortisol causes carbohydrate cravings that invariably lead to weight gain.  

As a health club owner, I found that many of my members believed that if they worked out hard every day they would get stronger.  The reality is that your body becomes stronger and leaner during the recovery from exercise, not during the workout itself.  By over-exercising your body never gets a chance to recover and is therefore constantly breaking down.  

Not only is this counter productive, but it ages you, and causes muscle degradation that can lead to injury.  

Another consequence of breaking your system down is that it drains your body of its serotonin, the feel good neurotransmitter.  Low serotonin can lead to depression and most certainly more carbohydrate cravings in your body’s attempt to replenish its serotonin stores.

Over-exercise can also cause insomnia, hindering the body’s ability to burn fat as well as leaving you too tired to exercise. 

How can you make your fitness routine work for you not against you?

Once you have your stress managed and are eating a healthy balanced nutritious diet, then you are ready to take on the extra stress of exercise.  

To achieve a fit, lean physique you don’t need to spend more than 45min. to 1 hr. in the gym, working at a moderately high intensity doing weight resistance training, 3 days a week.  

On other days you could enjoy cardiovascular exercises like cycling, hiking or swimming.  Incorporate stretching wherever you can, and for heaven’s sake get some rest.  

For guidance and support with a personalized exercise program contact me for a free 15 minute consultation at nina.lynn@me.com, or call me at 301-332-5732.