Women of Wisdom and Experience

Those of us who are fortunate enough to be in our 6th decade or better, are elite members in a private club of Women of Wisdom and Experience.

We all know them.  They are our mothers, our friends, our mentors and ourselves.  Not necessarily pillars of society or leaders in their field, simply women who possess the collective knowledge that the years impart. That in and of itself is powerful.

20, 30, and 40 year olds may have tighter bodies and fewer wrinkles, (ok, a lot fewer wrinkles), but they do not possess the “ been there done that” ease and confidence that only comes with age.  And that is sexy!

Age is not a dirty word, and as I age I find myself relaxing into it like a cozy sweater. Who knew?

The stresses of raising children, (or now days even trying to conceive),  building a career, constant competition on many levels, and just trying to be all things to all people is greatly reduced and hopefully even nonexistent at this stage of life.  

In my experience, even at sixty, children are grown, careers are in place, competition between women becomes camaraderie, we don’t really care about competing with men anymore, and there is actually time for us to practice self-care as opposed to everyone else-care.

Many women of wisdom and experience are re-discovering themselves by engaging in second careers or activities that are passion driven rather than driven by necessity.  That could be anything from making money by doing what you love, to learning to dance the Tango.  Dr. Christiane Northrup swears by it, and as a fellow Tango dancer, so do I.  Talk about sexy.

Even the physical challenges of Menopause are manageable with some TLC—Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes.  Not to worry, as a Wellness Coach I have navigated Menopause while maintaining my figure and energy, and I can guide you through it in a way that you can enjoy a rainbow of whole foods and even a moderate amount of chocolate and red wine.  I can hear your sigh of relief.

My mission is to empower you amazing creatures to experience the freedom, power and grace that comes from knowing yourself, and being OK with who you are, so that Menopause can be a time of passion, connection, vitality, and even FUN.

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