Lift Your Spirits With A Vision Board

Vision board.jpg

A vision board is a college of pictures and words that you create to help you visualize your goals, dreams and desires for your life.

It is virtually impossible to reach a goal that you cannot first visualize.  Visualizing your goals gives them power.

While envisioning your desires pay attention to how it looks, feels, smells and tastes to incorporate all of your senses.

Where are you?  Really look around, take it all in.

Who are you with?  Are you alone?  With a loved one?  In a supportive group?

How are your feeling?  Relaxed?  Excited?  Motivated?  Loved?  Joyful?

What are the scents you are smelling?  Flowers?  Food?  Perfume?  The ocean? The forest?

What are you tasting?  Delicious food?  Passion?  Success?

In making a vision board you are putting images to your desires, thus helping you to visualize and validate them.

You want to focus your desires in a positive way, so select images that portray positivity.  Vision boards should elicit positive emotions and vibrations to cement those positive thoughts and belief into your subconscious, which as we know runs the show.

The beauty of a vision board is that it is individualized and personalized to reflect who you really are and what you desire, empowering you and your dreams.

Use this as an opportunity to connect with your roots, your creativity, your gut, your heart, your authenticity, your inspiration, and your soul.

In doing so you are bringing energy into: 

  1. Your center of stability, or 1st chakra (Root)
  2. Your center of creativity, or 2nd chakra (Sacral)
  3. Your center of motivation and energy, or 3rd chakra (Solar Plexus)
  4. Your center of love, or 4th chakra (Heart)
  5. Your center of truth, or 5th chakra (Throat) 
  6. Your center of inspiration and visualization, or 6th chakra (Third Eye)
  7. Your center of soul connection, or 7th chakra (Crown)

With all of these energy centers activated, (your third eye will be on fire!) you are sure to produce a truly inspired vision board.

Putting together your motivational images and words keeps your desires and dreams in focus, helping to bring clarity to your choices and goals.

Keep your vision board somewhere you will see it often as a reminder of your life goals, and a motivator to act on your dreams.

You may want to make a vision board once a year to fine tune and adjust your images to better focus your desires and keep you moving forward on your life journey.

Let a vision board help you to envision the life you want to create for yourself, then go live it!

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