The Joy of Movement

Our bodies were made to move.  Both lack of exercise, and over-exercise can lead to physical degeneration or a damaged metabolism.  Your exercise program must be appropriate for your level of fitness, systemic health, current stress load, and your specific fitness goals.

Movement should be joyful.  As children we didn't focus on "exercise", we just ran around and climbed trees because it was FUN.  So rather than dreading your exercise, choose a form of movement that you enjoy.  Not only are you much more likely to actually do it, but you will get the added bonus, (and endorphin high) of JOY.


One-on-One Training:  

As an exercise specialist, I design individualized fitness programs and training based on the client’s goals and current level of fitness.


Group Training and Lifestyle Counseling Program

This comprehensive eight-week program focuses on fitness and nutrition, giving patients valuable coaching and motivation while they strive to reach their weight and health goals.  By working in groups of six, the participants will experience personal attention as well as camaraderie and group support.   

Each one-hour session is made up of a half hour six-station circuit workout, followed by a half hour of education and discussion on specific relevant topics. 

The program includes:

  • Six-station circuit workout

  • Stretching techniques

  • Health Appraisal Questionnaire Assessment

  • Ten-day food diary

  • Meal plans

  • Healthy recipes 

  • De-stressing techniques

  • Energy balancing techniques 

Each group of six participants meets with me twice a week for a total of sixteen sessions. This intensive program provides participants with the information and tools to make life-changing choices for better health, while enjoying the benefits of eight weeks of fun and functional exercise.