As women, we process information through our limbic system, the emotional brain.  It’s no wonder we attach emotions to “everything”.  

Emotions should be energy in motion.  When that energy gets stuck or blocked, it can cause physical, emotional or mental pain that prevents us from achieving our goals.

Our organs are associated with specific emotions, that once cleared, enable that organ to function properly.  

For example:

stomach--contentment, happiness

spleen--worry, empathy

lung--grief, regret

large intestine--depression, letting go

kidney--fear, anxiety

bladder--inner direction, dread

liver--anger, transformation

gallbladder--choice making, helplessness 

heart--unconditional love, joy

small intestine--assimilation, sorrow


I use muscle testing with clients to bypass the conscious mind and free up the energy flow to clear stuck emotions and beliefs.  This allows for a more positive approach to challenges, and unburdens the soul.

I use a variety of techniques with clients, including:

essential oils

flower essences



chakra balancing


breath work

Touch For Health

meridian tracing

and many others


"Clearing negative emotions with Nina Lynn is like a breath of fresh air.  It is a process that is as natural as walking, and with Nina's gentle intuitive guidance, a very powerful and positive experience as well.  I look forward to each session and leave with a smile."

Sallie, West Hollywood