Why Am I Tired, Fat & Sick?

It could be because you are suffering from silent inflammation.  Most people know they are inflamed when they have a sore throat or a rash, but silent inflammation brought on by poor nutrition, food reactions, stress, allergens, toxins and infections is not so obvious. 

Because inflammation is the beginning of any disease process, it is vital to reduce chronic inflammation wherever you can. 

One area where silent inflammation affects millions of people is in the gut.  Stress, over consumption of sugar, trans fats, antibiotics, lack of fiber, and even pharmaceuticalanti-inflammatories can damage the lining of your gut resulting in leaky gut syndrome. 

This is characterized by increased permeability of a membrane whose job it is to selectively allow nutrients into, and keep toxins out of your system.  When partially undigested food particles “leak” into the bloodstream they signal the immune system to launch a full-scale inflammatory response. 

As a result you feel fatigued, bloated and achy.  This is your “silent” inflammation screaming out to you, “something is wrong, pay attention!”   But you are so used to feeling lousy that you just ignore it.  This could be a big mistake.

Chronic inflammation floods your system with cortisol, the stress hormone produced by the adrenal glands.  Elevated cortisol slows the burning of fat, promotes fat storage, (especially around the middle), decreases thyroid function, causes blood sugar imbalances, and suppresses the immune system.  This is why you are feeling tired, fat and sick. 

You will be amazed at how great you can feel when you get out of a chronically inflamed state. 

An anti-inflammatory lifestyle includes eating a diet of whole, high fiber foods like fresh organic vegetables, fruits, beans and legumes for carbohydrates, high quality organic grass-fed meats, whole organic eggs, and wild caught fatty fish like salmon for protein, healthy fats like organic virgin coconut and olive oils, organic nuts and seeds and the heavenly avocado. 

Remember, sugar, trans fats, refined and processed foods are PRO-INFLAMMATORY.

Also, you will want to be involved in a regular exercise program, sleep at least eight hours a night and manage your stress. 

Anti-inflammatory supplements include high quality fish oil for omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics for healthy gut flora and immune system support, and most of us over the age of 35 would benefit from digestive enzymes to help with complete digestion of nutrients. 

These are the bare minimums.  Everyone needs their own personalized plan.  Feeling overwhelmed?  This is where a I can help.

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