The Labyrinth of our Lives


One of the amazing aspects of existence is our ability to choose.  In each moment and circumstance we are making choices, be they mundane or consequential, that ultimately dictate the course of our lives.

We base these choices, whether subconscious or deliberate, on a very personal and select set of perceptions.  Perceptions of ourselves, perceptions of others, perceptions of our environment, perceptions of our circumstances, perceptions of our ability or inability to choose at all…and on, and on.

These perceptions that we hold create the labyrinth of our lives.  They can either free us, or imprison us.

So, what if we could shift our perceptions so that the choices we make, that ultimately dictate the course of our lives, could actually move us forward and serve us to our highest best good?  The mere thought is liberating.

The first step would be to release limiting beliefs that keep us stuck.  We many not feel like we are deserving, or good enough to reach our goal.  These are common limiting beliefs.

Often times when trying to move forward in life we get stuck by the limiting belief that we really have no choice, and there is nothing worse than feeling trapped. 

If we can change our perception of the situation, and see that we do indeed have choices, everything changes.  The "problem" becomes a challenge, a puzzle in need of a solution.

Then the choices we make work for us and empower us.  Moving us closer to our goal, in an easy healthy way, for our highest best good.

I work with clients using specialized kinesiology to tap into the subconscious and release old patterning, be it beliefs, emotions or blocked energy, making it possible to move beyond circumstances that once felt hopeless.

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