The Liberation Of Menopause


Menopause ushers in an amazing time in a women’s life.  For many of us the kids are grown—good job!—and hopefully out of the house.  There are no more pesky feminine hygiene products in the bathroom, and no more embarrassing accidents around that time of the month.  Yes, our breeding days are over—-Woohoo!  We are liberated!  

That does NOT mean we are no longer women, or feminine.  We are FAR more than our uterus and ovaries.  The precious hormones that those glands produce are still available to us through other means, which include; healthy adrenal glands, bioidentical hormone replacement, homeopathic and naturopathic supplements and lifestyle hacks. We are not without options or choices.

If we throw up our hands and figure “it’s all downhill from here", then most likely it will be.  If however, we embrace the changes and shift our focus back to ourselves with some TLC and compassion, the future holds endless possibilities.

We can look at change with either fear, or anticipation.  I choose the later.

In fact, as women we tend to become more relaxed and confident in our selves as we age.  Not just in our abilities, (with age comes experience, and expertise), but in our physical selves as well.  

Whether we work a bit harder to maintain our shape, or embrace our new softer creased self, feeling comfortable in our bodies and with who we are, is a beautiful place to be, and it shows.

Here are 10 ways to appreciate our amazing selves:

  1. Smile every time we see your reflection.
  2. Make a list of your accomplishments, it will be longer than you think.
  3. Admire your best feature.
  4. Laugh at yourself as often as possible—lightening up your spirit.
  5. Be proud of making it to your age, we have it ALL over the younger gals!
  6. Take a deep breath…exhale and radiate out a loving glow.  What color is it?
  7. Smell a flower.  Inhale its nature and beauty, let it infuse your every cell.
  8. Put your right hand over your heart and your left hand over your uterus and ovaries, send them love and thank them for a job well done.
  9. Look deep into your eyes and see the beauty there.
  10. Men are great, but they can’t come close to being as amazing as women are.  Own it.  If you need to, watch Wonder Woman one more time.

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Ladies, Put Some Muscle Into Your Workouts For Better Results

In all the years I owned health clubs, I would beg women to get off the cardio. machines and go to the weight rack.  I could see their bodies remain the same year after year as they huffed and puffed and sweated off as many calories as they could.  

Meanwhile, the women lifting weights and using the weight machines proudly displayed athletic, strong, slender bodies.  “Oh no, I don’t want to get all big and bulky,” they would tell me.  I'd ask them to point out a big bulky woman lifting weights, but they couldn’t do it.  

Still, they insisted that they would get “big” muscles.  “See all the men in here trying to get “big” muscles, and lifting horrendous weight to that end"? I asked them.  “Even their testosterone head start is not enough for them to get bulky without a tremendous effort.  Do you really think it is going to happen to you by accident with your considerably lower levels of testosterone, and not pushing yourself to exhaustion?"

What does happens to your body when you lift challenging amounts of weight, (If you can do 10-12 repetitions, go up in weight), is that your muscles become strong and shapely, your tendons and ligaments strengthen to keep up with the work load and your bone mass density increases. Moreover, as your muscles become denser and firmer, you will burn more calories in your sleep.

Weight resistance strengthens your body and slows the aging process, and, as your heart gets pumpin’ pretty good during the process, you also benefit from cardiovascular conditioning.

Consistent intense aerobic exercise, like spin classes, breaks your body down and accelerates the aging process.  I know, bummer.  

This is particularly so after the age of 35, when your levels of growth hormone decline as does your ability to recover from intense exercise.

Moderate cardiovascular exercise paired with weight resistance will also increase the number of mitochondria in your cells.  These are the organelles in cells that convert food into energy to power your exercise as well as daily activities.  The more mitochondria, the more energy and the more fat burning.  A win-win.

For best results, and to avoid over-exercising and further breaking down, exercise at an intensity appropriate for your level of stress, (highly stressed-push less).   

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