The Expansion of Self Love

Love in all its forms is an experience and feeling of expansion. 

We all know what it feels like to be in love.  It's wonderful, heady, boundless.  It's a feeling we'd like to hold on to. 

This feeling of expansion around the heart keeps us open to giving and receiving love.  Without this flow of energy we are not fully alive, and if we close it off we may even experience physical symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

Most of us find it easy to love.  Who doesn't love cute furry little critters like kittens, puppies or bunnies?  And of course as humans we're hard wired to love babies, especially our own. 

Romantic love isn't a problem either.  We fall in and out of love on a regular basis.  What seems to be the most challenging however, is self-love. 

Somewhere along the line we bought into the idea that loving ourselves was selfish.  This is untrue, unfortunate and unproductive. 

In order to hold on to the feeling of expansion that love affords, we need to be "in love" 24/7/365.  Sure, we love our partners, our kids, our pets, our friends and some of us even love our families.  But the only constant is you.  Since you're with you all the time it's helpful to love yourself. 

Feeling love, compassion and empathy for yourself should come before you give those feelings to anyone or anything else. 

Think of it as practice.  The better you love yourself the better you know how to love others.  The better you care for yourself, the better you are able to care for others.

So, leave self-judgment, self-doubt and self-hate at the door and fall in love with YOU.  The good news is, when you love yourself, others will love you too.

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