Saying N-O is O-K

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Most of us find it difficult to say no when asked to do a favor by a friend or colleague, or to take on something that we would really rather not.  

We may not want to disappoint the person doing the asking, or we may even be flattered that they are asking us to do something for them. 

However, when your daily schedule is already full, you need to prioritize and manage your time and energy.  Especially when dealing with the added stress and fatigue of peri-menopause and menopause.

Now is the time for self-care and de-stressing.

By saying NO to non-essential requests for your time and energy, you are saying YES to yourself.  

Certainly some requests are necessary to take on, but those that are not, are best politely declined.

Here are some phrases to try:

* Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get to that today.

* My schedule is just too full for that right now.

* I’ll consider it and get back to you.

* What a great idea, perhaps you could ask … to do that.

* That is not my area of expertise.

* Perhaps I could do that for you at another time.

* I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to help you this time.

* Thank you for thinking of me, but I have to decline.

You may think it’s just easier to say yes and then deal with the overload you put yourself under.  However, taking on more than you are comfortable with or even capable of can damage your health and wellbeing. 

It is well known that stress breaks the body down and weakens the immune system, leaving you vulnerable to everything from the common cold to cancer.  So, when you find your schedule overwhelming you, say no to others and yes to yourself.

What does that look like?

* Put your needs at the front of your list, not the end.

* Make sure you get enough sleep—7-8 hrs.

* Include joyful movement into your daily routine.

* Find what feeds your soul and do it as often as possible.

* Hang out with your friends.

* Play in the garden, get sun on your skin and dirt on your hands.

* Hug someone everyday.

* Honor your body by eating real, whole food.

* Walk barefoot in the grass.

* Take a moment to close your eyes, breathe deeply and visualize a loved one.

You should welcome every opportunity to reduce the stress and time commitments you put yourself under.  It’s time to lighten up.  Lighten up your schedule, your diet, your stress, your responsibilities, your overload.

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Nourish Your Whole Colorful Self

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Color effects our everyday lives by influencing our mood and health.  I’m sure you can think of colors that fill you with energy and lighten your mood, while others make you feel heavy and down.

More than just a preference, we may be drawn to a color’s specific vibration.  Colors vibrate at frequencies which in turn correlate to body organs, emotions, and of course foods.

We can harness the healing power of color by surrounding ourselves in the full spectrum of the rainbow with the clothes we wear, the surroundings we choose, and the foods we eat.

Eating a variety of colorful foods ensures that we provide our body with an array of phytonutrients to protect our organs, antioxidants to lower inflammation, fiber to feed our microbiome and flush toxins, and an increased diversity of nutrients for longevity.

Food and Spirit’s Seven Systems of Health integrates the benefits of colorful eating with colorful living.  The seven “aspects” relate to the seven major chakras, or energy centers of the body.  Each aspect encompasses a specific color, endocrine gland, physiological activity, core issue, and food. 

The Root aspect’s color is red and relates to the adrenal glands.  It deals with core issues of safety, survival and tribe.  If for instance, if you are feeling ungrounded or stressed, you may want to eat some red meat, beets or other root vegetables and red colored foods, preferably in the company of your “tribe”.  The vitamin C in red colored foods support the adrenal glands to help you deal with stress.  Also, wearing something red, or adding red accents to your work space could help balance this aspect with the vibration of the color red.

The Flow aspect’s color is orange and the issues here are creativity, emotions and relationships.  To help bring energy into this aspect, which involves the reproductive organs, kidney and bladder, you would eat orange colored foods, fish and seafood, dietary fats and oils, nuts and seeds, and water to keep everything “flowing”.  Here, orange is the color to surround yourself with.  Playfulness and creativity in its many forms will feed this aspect, along with healthy relationships and emotional balance.

The Fire aspect’s color is yellow.  The pancreas is the gland involved, as well as other organs of digestion—stomach, liver, gallbladder and small intestine.  Here we are dealing with the core issues of energy, balance and power.  Those who struggle with balancing their energy, holding on to their personal power, or managing their work/life balance need to address their Fire aspect.  Eating yellow foods, soluble fiber, whole grains and healthy sweetness like stevia or raw honey, while keeping sugar consumption down and staying away from refined processed carbohydrates will help.  Wearing something yellow will allow its vibration to bring balance to this aspect as well.  

The Love aspect’s color is green, and as the name suggests it involves the heart as well as the thymus gland.  The breasts and lungs are also included in the Love aspect. Its issues are compassion, expansion and service.  Often those who over care for others without adequate self-love can find this aspect out of balance.  Leafy green vegetables, micro-greens, and other green vegetables will benefit the Love aspect.  Also, wearing green, bringing a plant to work, or ideally, walking in a forest while deep breathing, will lovingly surround you in the vibration of green.  

The Truth aspect’s color is aquamarine blue and its associated gland is the thyroid.  This aspect represents the issues of authenticity, choice and voice.  To strengthen this aspect and your thyroid, you may want to wear a beautiful aquamarine scarf to bathe your thyroid in the vibration of this amazing color.  Or wear turquoise or lapis lazuli jewelry.  Soups, sauces, sea plants, teas and juices all support this aspect.  Being in touch with your authentic truth, and choosing to speak it with confidence, will both empower you and help balance this aspect. 

The Insight aspect’s color is indigo and involves the pituitary gland and the brain itself.  The issues here are intuition, reflection and visualization.  To heighten these abilities wear indigo jewelry or clothing, or visualize images of an indigo night sky, bringing the vibration of that color into your energy realm.  Foods that nourish the Insight aspect include caffeine, chocolate, spices and blue-purple foods like wild blueberries.  Strengthening this aspect will help with alertness, cognitive functioning and restorative sleep. 

The final aspect of Spirit is represented by white, which is actually all of the colors of the spectrum and encompasses the light energy of the universe.  Chi, Prana, Source, God, whatever name you put to it, this aspect reflects our connection to spirit.  The gland of the Spirit aspect is the pineal gland.  This gland distinguishes light and dark, and regulates our sleep/wake cycles.   The core issues here are connection, purpose and soul.  Detoxing and fasting are beneficial for this aspect.  Also eating healthy white foods like cauliflower, coconut products, onions and garlic, and choosing purifying foods like organic foods and lemons.

The vibration of white light has been shown to improve conditions associated with depression.  One could argue that depression could stem form a disconnection from spirit, or life.  When we experience awe, wonder, gratitude and joy we are connecting to spirit. 

Reducing electromagnetic frequencies, getting in touch with your purpose, meditation, Qi gong, staring at the star filled night sky, swimming in the ocean, or just getting out in the bright sunlight everyday will all help balance the Spirit aspect.

Carrying these seven aspects into how we live our lives will make for a more integrated, FULL life experience.  More ColorFULL, PlayFULL, PowerFULL, MeaningFULL, TruthFULL, ThoughtFUL, and SoulFULL.

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Learn To Love Your Cholesterol


Cholesterol has been given a bad rap.  This essential substance is vital for:

*healthy cells

*reducing inflammation and repairing tissue damage

*hormone production

*stress adaptation

*proper digestion

*vitamin D synthesis

*memory and brain health

Every cell in our body maintains its integrity due to the cholesterol that makes up its cell wall.  The cholesterol component helps keep the cell wall fluid and permeable for the effective exchange of nutrients and wastes.  Without cholesterol our cells would not function properly.  This could result in poor cellular energy production and greater systemic fatigue. 

Because cells make up tissues which make up organs which make up us, unhealthy cells will lead to unhealthy us.

Cholesterol also acts as the body’s bandaid to minimize tissue damage caused by inflammation, high blood glucose and trans fats from vegetable oils and damaged fats.  

The damage to arteries from these oxidative insults results in the body producing more cholesterol to act as an antioxidant, lining the arteries in an attempt to quell the inflammation and protect the arteries from further damage.  

The problem arises from continued high blood sugar and damaged fats that then cause the protective cholesterol to oxidize and become sticky, leading to clogged arteries. 

Hence, the rescue team becomes the bad guy.

The precursor to hormones is cholesterol, and we certainly all need and want adequate hormone production to keep us young, vital and sexy. 

Not only is cholesterol needed for the production of our precious estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, but also for cortisol which allows us to deal with everyday stressors.

Bile is needed for the digestion of fats.  The liver synthesizes bile from cholesterol.  Inadequate cholesterol will lead to low bile production, sluggish bile, poor fat digestion, and typically gallbladder problems.

We need the healthy fat digestion that bile provides for absorption and utilization of the fat soluble vitamins D, K, A, and E.

Speaking of vitamin D, our bodies have the ability to produce this vitamin when the sun hits our bare skin (without sunscreen).  As the sun meets the cholesterol, present in our every cell, the two perform a biochemical dance to produce vitamin D.

Our brains contain the highest concentration of the cholesterol in our bodies.  It is vital 

for a healthy brain and nervous system.  Cholesterol is a vital part of the wiring that allows for learning and memory.

Studies show that older adults with higher cholesterol, better maintain their cognitive function.  

Lack of sleep has been correlated with poor memory.  One reason may be because sleep allows the brain to replenish its level of cholesterol.

Low levels of cholesterol have also been associated with mood disorders such as depression and mood swings.

Now that you know how important cholesterol is in maintaining good health, how do you insure that your liver is functioning optimally to produce the cholesterol you need?

  1. Keep your diet low in sugar, and add fiber like flaxseeds, chia seeds, nuts and seeds.
  2. include lots of fibrous vegetables like dark leafy greens.  The more bitter the better for your liver, like arugula, brussels sprouts, swiss chard and dandelion greens.
  3. Add local raw honey to lower inflammation and nourish your liver and gut.
  4. Try a shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning to help alkalize the body’s PH and nourish the digestive tract.
  5. Warm water with lemon will thin the bile and aid in liver function.
  6. Milk thistle is a powerful herb that gives the liver a boost.
  7. Go easy on alcohol and reduce toxins to unburden the livers job of detoxifying.
  8. Practice de-stressing techniques so your liver does not need to be constantly pumping out cholesterol to provide you with the stress hormone cortisol.
  9. Move your body everyday.  
  10. Let go of anger which we hold in the liver.  Practice forgiveness of self and others.

I for one embrace organic free range eggs, and avocados are my favorite food.  A ketogenic diet may not be for everyone, but many people have improved their health by eating higher amounts of healthy fats and cutting way back on carbohydrates.

As usual, a personalized diet and lifestyle plan is best…but don’t be afraid to eat an avocado.

Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies are cashing in on statin drug sales, and many conventional doctors are right there with them advocating for lowering cholesterol levels in their patients by using these highly damaging drugs.  Studies show statin side effects include muscle damage, (including the heart muscle), increased risk of diabetes, liver damage and memory loss.   

Not to mention lower hormone production, thereby reducing your ability to handle stress, adding insult to injury for those managing menopause.

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Lift Your Spirits With A Vision Board

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A vision board is a college of pictures and words that you create to help you visualize your goals, dreams and desires for your life.

It is virtually impossible to reach a goal that you cannot first visualize.  Visualizing your goals gives them power.

While envisioning your desires pay attention to how it looks, feels, smells and tastes to incorporate all of your senses.

Where are you?  Really look around, take it all in.

Who are you with?  Are you alone?  With a loved one?  In a supportive group?

How are your feeling?  Relaxed?  Excited?  Motivated?  Loved?  Joyful?

What are the scents you are smelling?  Flowers?  Food?  Perfume?  The ocean? The forest?

What are you tasting?  Delicious food?  Passion?  Success?

In making a vision board you are putting images to your desires, thus helping you to visualize and validate them.

You want to focus your desires in a positive way, so select images that portray positivity.  Vision boards should elicit positive emotions and vibrations to cement those positive thoughts and belief into your subconscious, which as we know runs the show.

The beauty of a vision board is that it is individualized and personalized to reflect who you really are and what you desire, empowering you and your dreams.

Use this as an opportunity to connect with your roots, your creativity, your gut, your heart, your authenticity, your inspiration, and your soul.

In doing so you are bringing energy into: 

  1. Your center of stability, or 1st chakra (Root)
  2. Your center of creativity, or 2nd chakra (Sacral)
  3. Your center of motivation and energy, or 3rd chakra (Solar Plexus)
  4. Your center of love, or 4th chakra (Heart)
  5. Your center of truth, or 5th chakra (Throat) 
  6. Your center of inspiration and visualization, or 6th chakra (Third Eye)
  7. Your center of soul connection, or 7th chakra (Crown)

With all of these energy centers activated, (your third eye will be on fire!) you are sure to produce a truly inspired vision board.

Putting together your motivational images and words keeps your desires and dreams in focus, helping to bring clarity to your choices and goals.

Keep your vision board somewhere you will see it often as a reminder of your life goals, and a motivator to act on your dreams.

You may want to make a vision board once a year to fine tune and adjust your images to better focus your desires and keep you moving forward on your life journey.

Let a vision board help you to envision the life you want to create for yourself, then go live it!

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Meno…pause Does Not Mean A Pause From MEN

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Menopause may mean the end of monthly bleeding and child bearing, but it certainly does not mean that we stop wanting or needing men.

Our intimate relations with men actually become less complicated when we don’t have to worry about pregnancies or messy surprises once a month.

As our children grow and find their own paths, our time and energy is freed up to fuel our own personal passions and interests.

For many of us, that would include the company of a man.  Whether it is our current partner, or if we are single, a new partner.

The emotional and endorphin high of love and infatuation never gets old, no mater how old WE get.  The pleasure of being around someone we love actually keeps us young.

Not to mention the joys of sex and physical intimacy, which is a part of romantic relationships before AND after menopause.  Yes, there is sex after menopause, thank goodness.

If you are feeling less than amorous due to the hormonal shifts that accompany menopause, you can address hormonal imbalance naturally by managing your stress, getting adequate sleep, enjoying moderate exercise, eating a colorful diet with healthy fats to feed your hormones, and using bioidentical hormones if needed.

With balanced hormones, our whole system runs as it should, and we are able to feel  and be our best selves.  It is from this place of balance that our personal relationships can thrive. 

Of course, our beliefs about ourselves as we meander through peri-menopause and menopause affect our behavior toward others as well as ourselves.

Unfortunately, many women have taken on perceptions about themselves around peri-menopause and menopause that reflect societal views of aging and lack of vitality.

With peri-menopause starting as early as 35, the idea that it is the beginning of the end is extremely out dated.  Now a days even post-menopausal women are celebrating themselves, feeling alive and vibrant, and fully enjoying the company of men.

Here is my suggestion; see yourself as: 

Experienced…not old 

Curvy…not fat 

Passionate…not complacent

Creative…not infertile

Confident…not doubtful

Calm…not stressed

Liberated…not trapped

Involved….not excluded

Independent…not needy

Successful…not a failure

Determined…not timid

Empowered…not helpless

And finally, see yourself as attractive and desirable.  Those qualities, as well as all of the above, come as much from the inside as the out, and men of worth can recognize them at any age.

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Managing Menopause

Monet 4.JPG

As women experience the hormonal changes of peri-menopause and menopause, they may find themselves dealing with fatigue, brain fog, bloating, tender breasts, weight gain around the middle and hips, headaches, insomnia, and mood swings.  That’s a long list.

Lowering levels of progesterone, can cause these symptoms as early as a woman’s 30’s.  

Then as estrogen levels drop down the road, our symptoms can become more severe with hot flashes, night sweats and even depression as lower estrogen drags serotonin levels down as well.

The hormonal rollercoaster gets into full swing with estrogen dominance as stress, high blood sugar, extra body fat, and xenoestrogens (chemicals that mimic estrogens in the body) from plastics, pesticides and even cosmetics, all drive estrogen levels up with too little progesterone to keep it in check.

I work with women in the following five major areas to help them manage the physical, emotional and mental challenges of peri-menopause and menopause.


Stress Reduction

Adequate Sleep 

Appropriate Exercise 

Emotional Clearing

Replacing processed, refined packaged foods with real, organic, colorful whole foods is a first step to a gentle detox while providing the body with the nutrients needed to build, repair and detoxify.  

A good rule of thumb is to include (3-4 ounces) of a clean protein, along with a healthy fat and a real carbohydrate at each meal.

Real carbohydrates can be planted and harvested and should be eaten in their whole (not processed) form. There are no pasta, bread or doughnut trees that I know of.

Clean protein comes from livestock and poultry that are allowed to range free, with no antibiotics or growth hormone.  Or fish that are wild caught, not farmed.

Examples of healthy fats are, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, flax oil, organic nuts and seeds, avocados, flax seeds, and of course the essential fatty acids of omega 3 in fish oil and omega 6 in grass fed meats and in borage and primrose oils.

Damaged fats would be vegetable oils and canola oil.  These oils become trans fats during their high heat processing in preparation for the marketplace.  Trans fats damage arteries, and the gut, while causing inflammation.  Please steer clear.

These are very basic guidelines.  A personalized eating plan is the best way to provide the proper nutrition, and metabolic healing for YOUR specific system.  

Stress reduction is paramount in balancing hormones.  When cortisol (the stress hormone produced by the adrenal glands) is high, your estrogen and progesterone as well as thyroid hormones are suppressed.  

While high cortisol from stress drives up blood sugar, it also drives down serotonin (the happy neurotransmitter), which causes you to crave sweets.  

As the adrenal glands also produce 40% of the estrogen and progesterone in your system (from the precursors they provide) before menopause, and as much as 90% after menopause, it is a good idea to manage your stress so they are not exhausted by the time peri-menopause and menopause rolls around.

De-stressing can be as easy as closing your eyes, visualizing your “happy place” and taking long deep breaths.  Grounding is also a powerful way to calm the nervous system.  Grounding, or earthing is simply standing on the earth (grass or sand, not concrete) bare footed and connecting to the energy of the earth.  

Adequate sleep, being between 7 to 9 hours a night, also helps regulate hormones and allows for regeneration of the brain and body.

  • Beauty sleep suggestions include:
  • Get to bed by 10 pm.
  • Unplug from electronics 30 min before bed.
  • Make your room as dark as a cave, no ambient light.
  • Keep your room cool.
  • Enjoy a calming ritual before bed—soak in a tub, listen to relaxing music, read something spiritual or enjoyable, (please not the news).
  • Try meditation, visualization, gratitude or simply deep breathing.

Over-exercising can be a detriment to your very goal of health and fitness.  Over-exercise stresses and breaks down your system, aging you in fast forward.  

Moderate exercise in a form that you enjoy, will do you more good than pushing yourself to exhaustion.  If you find you have over done it, be sure to allow for more rest for a full recovery.  It is in the recovery that we get stronger, not in the work.

As women, we process information through our limbic system, the emotional brain.  It’s no wonder we attach emotions to “everything”.  

Emotions should be energy in motion.  When that energy gets stuck or blocked, it can cause physical, emotional or mental pain that keeps us stuck and unable to achieve our goals.

I use muscle testing with clients to bypass the conscious mind and free up the energy flow to clear stuck emotions and beliefs.  This allows for a more positive approach to challenges and unburdens the soul.

Along with incorporating the above Transformational Life Choices (TLC), finding an integrative medicine doctor who can help you with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, BHRT, may be just what you need to manage your menopause with grace and ease.

As women of wisdom and experience, menopause should be a time of liberation and re-birth.  

The area of our body where we once created life is the center of all our creativity.  

If we tap into that area of creativity through art, dance, music, writing, whatever brings us joy and passion, we are bringing life once again to that most sacred center of female essence.

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The Liberation Of Menopause


Menopause ushers in an amazing time in a women’s life.  For many of us the kids are grown—good job!—and hopefully out of the house.  There are no more pesky feminine hygiene products in the bathroom, and no more embarrassing accidents around that time of the month.  Yes, our breeding days are over—-Woohoo!  We are liberated!  

That does NOT mean we are no longer women, or feminine.  We are FAR more than our uterus and ovaries.  The precious hormones that those glands produce are still available to us through other means, which include; healthy adrenal glands, bioidentical hormone replacement, homeopathic and naturopathic supplements and lifestyle hacks. We are not without options or choices.

If we throw up our hands and figure “it’s all downhill from here", then most likely it will be.  If however, we embrace the changes and shift our focus back to ourselves with some TLC and compassion, the future holds endless possibilities.

We can look at change with either fear, or anticipation.  I choose the later.

In fact, as women we tend to become more relaxed and confident in our selves as we age.  Not just in our abilities, (with age comes experience, and expertise), but in our physical selves as well.  

Whether we work a bit harder to maintain our shape, or embrace our new softer creased self, feeling comfortable in our bodies and with who we are, is a beautiful place to be, and it shows.

Here are 10 ways to appreciate our amazing selves:

  1. Smile every time we see your reflection.
  2. Make a list of your accomplishments, it will be longer than you think.
  3. Admire your best feature.
  4. Laugh at yourself as often as possible—lightening up your spirit.
  5. Be proud of making it to your age, we have it ALL over the younger gals!
  6. Take a deep breath…exhale and radiate out a loving glow.  What color is it?
  7. Smell a flower.  Inhale its nature and beauty, let it infuse your every cell.
  8. Put your right hand over your heart and your left hand over your uterus and ovaries, send them love and thank them for a job well done.
  9. Look deep into your eyes and see the beauty there.
  10. Men are great, but they can’t come close to being as amazing as women are.  Own it.  If you need to, watch Wonder Woman one more time.

Let me help guide you through your transformation to make the most out of your liberation.   Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation at, or call me at 301-332-5732.


Women of Wisdom and Experience

Those of us who are fortunate enough to be in our 6th decade or better, are elite members in a private club of Women of Wisdom and Experience.

We all know them.  They are our mothers, our friends, our mentors and ourselves.  Not necessarily pillars of society or leaders in their field, simply women who possess the collective knowledge that the years impart. That in and of itself is powerful.

20, 30, and 40 year olds may have tighter bodies and fewer wrinkles, (ok, a lot fewer wrinkles), but they do not possess the “ been there done that” ease and confidence that only comes with age.  And that is sexy!

Age is not a dirty word, and as I age I find myself relaxing into it like a cozy sweater. Who knew?

The stresses of raising children, (or now days even trying to conceive),  building a career, constant competition on many levels, and just trying to be all things to all people is greatly reduced and hopefully even nonexistent at this stage of life.  

In my experience, even at sixty, children are grown, careers are in place, competition between women becomes camaraderie, we don’t really care about competing with men anymore, and there is actually time for us to practice self-care as opposed to everyone else-care.

Many women of wisdom and experience are re-discovering themselves by engaging in second careers or activities that are passion driven rather than driven by necessity.  That could be anything from making money by doing what you love, to learning to dance the Tango.  Dr. Christiane Northrup swears by it, and as a fellow Tango dancer, so do I.  Talk about sexy.

Even the physical challenges of Menopause are manageable with some TLC—Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes.  Not to worry, as a Wellness Coach I have navigated Menopause while maintaining my figure and energy, and I can guide you through it in a way that you can enjoy a rainbow of whole foods and even a moderate amount of chocolate and red wine.  I can hear your sigh of relief.

My mission is to empower you amazing creatures to experience the freedom, power and grace that comes from knowing yourself, and being OK with who you are, so that Menopause can be a time of passion, connection, vitality, and even FUN.

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Easy Breezy Menopause

Why do some women sail through menopause while others suffer from hot flashes, mood swings, food cravings, brain fog, and fatigue? The answer may be in part due to the state of your adrenal glands. Healthy adrenals can alleviate much of the discomfort that accompanies this rite of passage.  

Your adrenal glands produce more than just the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline.  DHEA, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are also produced by the adrenal glands.  Before menopause 40% of the sex hormones your body produces come from the precursors produced in your adrenal glands.  After menopause that number shifts to 90%!  

If your adrenals are exhausted they won’t be able to provide you with the estrogen and progesterone you need to help keep your entire web of hormones balanced, and menopause becomes challenging.  Unfortunately, adrenal exhaustion is an epidemic in America due to our stressful lifestyles, and many women are suffering for it.

So how do you breeze through menopause with healthy adrenals? Here are some tips:

*  Getting to bed by 10:00 pm keeps your cortisol levels low and helps regenerate your adrenal glands. 

*  Take breaks throughout your day to do breathing exercises, yoga poses, tai chi or loving visualizations to shift your nervous system into a state of rest and repair. 

*  Manage psychological stress by putting things into perspective.  We often make mountains out of mole hills.  Let's keep everything a mole hill.

*  Assure for proper nutrition by planning your meals ahead, not eating on the fly.  This will assure you get whole real food, not overly processed "faux" food.

*  Honor your physical self by moving your body everyday, in a pleasurable way.  

*  Love and gratitude are universally healing for every cell in your body, and by the time you reach menopause you should have plenty to love and be grateful for.  I know I do.  

All of these things will help revitalize your adrenal glands, reduce your everyday stress, and make menopause more manageable.

Navigating Menopause can be overwhelming.  I know, I've been there, done that.  That's why I'm here to guide and support you through this rite of passage.  With support and guidance, you can not only survive menopause, you may even enjoy it.  

For guidance and support on your journey through Menopause, contact me for a free 15 minute consultation at, or call me at 301-332-5732.