GM, Good For Cars Not For Food

Did you know the soymilk you add to your coffee to make it “healthier” than dairy, may actually be more detrimental to your health?  That is because the majority of soy in this country is genetically modified.  

Genetically engineered plants are generated in a laboratory by altering their genetic makeup.  If that doesn't scare you, it should.  Other foods that undergo this invasive procedure include corn, canola oil, tomatoes, and who knows what else since the food industry does not inform us of its tampering.  

Food manufacturers try to justify genetically modified foods as the answer to world hunger, but even third world countries reject GM crops for fear of further damaging the health of their people. 

Genetic engineering IS however, the answer to Monsanto’s domination of the world’s crops, and billions of dollars in profits.  

Unfortunately for humans, these science project foods are worse than empty nutrition.  They are actually hazardous to your health.  Do you really want to eat something that has poisons injected into every cell, and then sprayed onto its surface?  Me neither! 

Americans are unknowingly being fed “foods” that are robbing them of health and vitality.  Unknowingly, because genetically modified foods do not require labeling, (you can thank your government representatives for that).  

Also unknowingly because the dangers of GM foods are not widespread knowledge.  Why is it that the governments of many European countries that require labeling of GM foods are more concerned with the health of their citizens than America?  

Genetically modified crops have been invasively and forcefully altered in mad scientist labs to become something that does not exist in nature.  

Our bodies, on the other hand, still do exist in nature, and do not know what to do with these pretend foods.   As a result they exhaust and damage your digestive system, weaken and overwhelm your immune system, put your body into stress, and lead to disease.

Keep in mind that half of America’s soy crop is genetically modified, with cotton and corn running a close second.  The more you eat these dangerous GM products, the more you will become genetically altered.  

There is however a way to avoid GM foods and provide your body with the nutrition it needs.  

Eating organic whole foods will protect you from genetically modified products.   Also avoid packaged foods, especially if they contain soy or corn.  

Need I really say anything about fast foods?  I thought not.    

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