Drop Body Fat In Your Sleep

What’s the best thing to do in bed?  Sleep.  I know that’s not the sexy answer, but sleep can actually help you to drop body fat.  

One of my clients was making progress in the areas of nutrition and exercise, but was having trouble getting a good night’s sleep.  Once she replaced her mattress she began to sleep better, and her excess body fat made a quick exit.  She lost 10 lbs. easily and effortlessly, literally “in her sleep”.  

Even the best eating and exercise plans will be derailed if you don’t sleep. It’s all about hormones, those tiny messengers telling your body when to sleep, when to eat, when to run away, and when to reproduce.  

Not only does sleeping help regulate and regenerate your entire system, but the relaxation that sleep provides allows the level of cortisol in your blood stream to decrease because you are finally out of stress, enabling your body to access stored fat for energy if needed. 

The key is to do what it takes for your pineal gland to produce melatonin, thereby setting up the sequence of hormonal responses that lead to a smaller belly.  

With Melatonin produced at night , you wake up with low insulin and cortisol rising, which allows dopamine to show up and help you feel awake. 

More good news is that with adequate sleep, prolactin, a hormone that regulates appetite, is shut off in the morning so you don’t wake up craving sugar. 

That is the dance of hormones that allow for less body fat storage at night and less body fat production during the day.  

The steps necessary to set the scene for that dance to occur include:

Getting to bed shortly after sun down, or in the real world, by 10:00 pm.

Creating a pitch black bedroom free from the digital lights of a computer, or clock, or other fancy tech gadget.

Shutting down your TV, computer, tablet and phone a half hour before bedtime. 

Keeping the bedroom a cool comfortable temperature.

Reading something relaxing or spiritual to calm your mind.

As you are falling asleep, try deep breathing, meditation, or visualizations to put you in a calm relaxed state.

Suddenly I’m feeling sleepy.

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