Be Your Own Best Doctor

No one cares more for your health than you. No one knows better than you how your body feels.  And there is no one better suited to take care of you, than you. 

Traditional medical doctors are trained in matching pharmaceuticals to symptoms, without necessarily considering the person as a whole.  

What your body needs for optimum health is not pharmaceuticals, which disrupt your own healing abilities.  

Your body needs support and strengthening so it can operate at it’s peak, which is what it aims for every day through its own process of homeostasis.

Functional Medicine doctors, Integrative Medicine doctors and Naturopathic doctors are trained in looking for the cause of your symptoms, and how your whole being is functioning.  They are more likely to recommend natural supplements and lifestyle modifications before pharmaceuticals. 

But there is plenty you can do on your own to better manage your health and well being.

By depriving your body of nutrients with empty foods, (processed and refined), and dumping toxins into your system with pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, plastics, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, as well as known harmful substances like trans fats and genetically modified foods, you are hindering your body from experiencing the level of health you long for and deserve.  

But you have a choice.  You don’t have to “trash” your body, you can choose to “nourish” yourself with whole, organic vegetables and fruits, unprocessed grains, beans and legumes, raw nuts and seeds and organically raised free range livestock and seafood.      

Replacing the refined grains, and processed foods in your diet, with live super foods like berries, (goji, acai) bee products, (bee pollen, royal jelly), spirulina, high omega 3 foods, (salmon, walnuts, flax seeds), clean fresh mineral water, organic pasture fed meats, along with a rainbow of whole organic foods, you will be supporting and strengthening your own body’s metabolism and immune system, keeping your body running at it’s peak, and eliminating the need to rely on an MD to “fix” you. 

Traumatic emergency situations like a broken leg or heart attack are the times a traditionally trained medical doctor is your best choice.  

However, a better solution for dealing with chronic conditions like fatigue, depression, obesity, allergies, gut disorders, insomnia, aches and pains, and even diabetes, would be to clean up your diet and thereby your system, adopt healthy lifestyle habits, and generally be as toxic free, (and drug free), as possible.  

When you take responsibility for your own good health, you become the best doctor you could have.  

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