The Joy of Movement 


Our bodies were made to move.  Lack of exercise can lead to physical degeneration.  However, over exercise can also cause muscle breakdown, damage your metabolism, throw your hormones out of balance, and yes, age you prematurely.  Fear not, there is a happy medium. 

Just as an eating program needs to be tailored to fit your individual biochemistry, your exercise program must be appropriate for your level of fitness, systemic health, specific goals and your current stress load.  Many people are exercising in a way that only further breaks down their already over-tired systems.  Exercise should increase your strength and stamina while providing you with energy and vitality.  No pain, your gain.  Effort is good, pain is not.

Movement should be joyful.  As children we didn't focus on "exercise", we just ran around and climbed trees because it was FUN.  So rather than dreading your exercise, choose a form of movement that you enjoy.  Not only are you much more likely to actually do it, but you will get the added bonus, (and endorphin high) of JOY.