The Food and Spirit approach to wellness is a colorful integration of science and spirituality.  Its nurturing foundation is the 7 systems of health, based on the 7 major chakras.  Our biochemistry, emotions and beliefs all influence and play off one another, resulting in our state of ease, or dis-ease.  Only by addressing the full spectrum of our being can we find harmony, which leads to balance and wellness.  

The 7 systems do just that.  Here is a sampling of the focus of each system which include a Color, Endocrine Gland, specific Anatomy, Physiological Activities, Core Issues (beliefs), and Foods

  • The ROOT--Red / adrenal glands / immune system, bones, DNA, muscles, skin / flight-or-fight response, gene expression / Safety, Survival, Tribe / root vegetables, red colored food, protein
  • The FLOW--Orangeovaries, testes / bladder, reproductive system, large intestine / reproduction, water balance, fat storage / Creativity, Emotions, Relationships / fats and oils, fatty fish, orange foods, water
  • The FIRE--Yellow / pancreas / liver, stomach, small intestine / digestion, blood sugar balance, assimilation / Balance, Energy, Power / carbohydrates, soluble fiber, yellow colored foods
  • The LOVE--Green / thymus, heart / lungs, breasts, lymphatic system / breathing, circulation, oxygenation / Compassion, Expansion, Service / leafy vegetables, phytonutrients, greens and green foods
  • The TRUTH--Blue / thyroid gland / throat, mouth, ears / chewing, hearing, speaking / Authenticity, Choice, Voice / soups, sea plants, teas, blue foods
  • The INSIGHT--Indigo (blue-purple) / pituitary gland / brain, eyes, neurotransmitters / mood balance, sleep, thought processing / Intuition, Reflection, Visualizations / caffeine, chocolate, spices, blue-purple foods
  • The SPIRIT--Violet / pineal gland / nervous system, energy meridians / circadian rhythm, cleansing / Connection, Purpose, Soul / fasting and detoxing, photons, toxin-free foods