Nina Lynn-Your personal lifestyle coach

MS Holistic Nutrition, C.F.S.P.  Empowerment, Wellness                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Nina's coaching style is compassionate while always bottom-line.  It’s not about deprivation, but healthy satisfaction.  Nina's goal is to guide you through menopause with the tools to empower you to live a life of radiant health.  We all have the potential for health and vitality; helping you realize yours is Nina's mission.



Rediscover your Vitality and Radiance       

Zen of Menopause 3 month Program includes:

Areas of Focus

  • NUTRITION - Developing an eating plan based on your individual biochemistry and metabolic needs is the most effective way to guide you back to health and balance.
  • STRESS REDUCTION - Stress reduction techniques, energy balancing, and simple adjustments to your bedroom, can help you get the beauty sleep and rest you need.
  • MOVEMENT - An effective exercise program will be appropriate for your level of fitness, systemic health and current stress load, while meeting your specific goals.
  • FOOD AND SPIRIT - An eating and lifestyle protocol designed to allow the full spectrum of your being to work in harmony, which leads to balance and wellness.  


  • ASSESSMENT - Listening to YOU, hearing your story to get a clear picture of your wellness goals, as well as your current metabolic and overall health.
  • EDUCATION - Learning healthy vs unhealthy food and lifestyle choices and what best serves your needs.
  • DAILY CONTACT - Think of me as the "good angel" on your shoulder, providing support and motivation.
  • DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY FORM - Short daily form to record your sleep, meals and activities.
  • WEEKLY ACTION PLAN - 1-3 actions for you to implement for the week, adjusting each week to meet your needs.